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How To Manage Constipation With Natural Laxatives For Dogs

Being aware of your dog’s bowel movements is a big part of dog ownership. After all, you can’t help but notice when something’s a little off during the stoop and scoop. Even if you’re not monitoring your dog out in the yard, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what’s coming out. 

Maybe you’ve noticed that your dog’s stools are harder and lumpier than usual. Or maybe it’s been a day or two since you had to clean up after him. Whatever the reason, you’re pretty sure your dog has constipation. And you know you have to do something about it before it makes him sicker. 

Most conventional vets will prescribe pharmaceutical laxatives. But prescription laxatives aren’t the best options. Natural laxatives are much safer and just as effective. 

But before we talk about natural laxatives for dogs and other ways to relieve constipation naturally, let’s make sure you know why it’s happening. 

What Causes Constipation In Dogs?

The most common reasons dogs get constipated is that they ate something they shouldn’t have. This can include stones, pieces of toys, or something they found in a bush during their walk. If big enough, these items can cause bowel obstructions, which can be life threatening if they aren’t dealt with. 

But there are lots of other reasons for constipation in dogs …

Too much or too little fiber in your dog’s diet may cause constipation. Your dog may also find it difficult to pass stools if he has too much calcium (usually from bones) or fat in his diet. 

If the constipation is due to too much bone in your dog’s diet, your dog’s stool will look dry, chalky and crumbly. Constipation from bone is also common in dogs who are switching to raw. 

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise it may slow the movement of stools through his colon. This can cause the colon to absorb too much water from the stool, causing constipation.